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Bill Gephardt – the Most Trusted Name in Utah – Brings You the Most Trustworthy Names in Utah Business.

Welcome to a new and unique way to find honest and reliable local businesses.

As an investigative consumer television reporter for 30 years, Bill Gephardt has become known as a tireless and dedicated advocate for Utah consumers. takes Bill's dedication to consumers in a new, exciting and positive direction. Instead of getting involved after a dispute has occurred, Bill and his qualified team are now proactively investigating businesses, and highlighting and recommending only those who prove the most trustworthy, through their practices, policies and positive track record with customers.

Now you can trust the Bill Gephardt name to make your critical purchasing decisions with a confidence you’ve never had before.

Imagine, in the middle of the night, your drain backs up into a flood and you need to call a plumber immediately. How do you pick one with confidence you won't get ripped off? Right now, Bill and his experienced team are investigating businesses across Utah. They are carefully searching records to see if the companies are properly licensed. They are checking to see if company officials have a good history.

They are looking to see if consumers sue them. Conversely, he is looking to see which businesses tend to sue their customers. He is digging into how many complaints each business has, and analyzing how the business resolves any consumer complaints. In short, he is investigating to see which companies are good, and which are not.

Gephardt Approved: Companies With Which Bill Would Do Business.

You'll find only the best and most consumer friendly companies on this site. Right now you'll find many companies that Bill has investigated and recommends. And we're only getting started; keep checking in to discover companies with which we're sure you’ll be delighted to do business: Plumbers, Auto Dealers, Lawyers, Electricians, Contractors, Therapists, Dentists, Alarm Companies, Health Spas, Mortgage Companies, Doctors, Concrete Contractors, Veterinarians, Locksmiths, Wedding Planners, Window Companies; and on and on.

Putting His Cash Where His Confidence Is...

Bill believes in these companies, but he’s also going one step further: Bill is offering you, the consumer, a personal $1000 guarantee that you will be happy doing business with any Gephardt Approved company. But if you have a problem with a product or service and can’t work it out with the company, just contact Bill, and he will try to work it out for you.

If the Company is Wrong and Refuses to Fix the Problem…Bill Will!

Bill will refund to you up to $1000 of the contract or purchase price! But really, after his own thorough investigation, Bill is so confident of the businesses he approves, he expects to never have to pay the money. And that is exactly the confidence that Gephardt Approved passes along to you.

Gephardt Approved is Unique – and Free for consumers!

This is not like other consumer-type websites where consumers pay up front to read testimonies supposedly from other customers. While businesses do pay a fee to be a part of Gephardt Approved, this is not a site where businesses can be featured by simply paying the fee, regardless of how they treat their customers.

This is a website based on complete, professional and knowledgeable evaluations of companies after thorough investigations. No business becomes Gephardt Approved without passing stringent and highly disciplined protocols. The fee is collected only after a business is approved. If at anytime it is determined by the staff of Gephardt Approved that a business is cheating or mistreating its customers, that fee will be refunded (pro-rated by contract) and that company will be removed from the site and will no longer be endorsed by Gephardt Approved. Our goal is, as always, to drive confident and qualified consumers to great companies.