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How about an internet provider that absolutely guarantees a monthly price, fixed for life?  I have discovered just such a business:  Neighborhood ISP.   We have investigated the background and business practices of Neighborhood ISP, and the way the company treats its customers. As a result, I am proud to endorse Neighborhood ISP as Gephardt Approved.

“Anyone who signs up with us is going to see much better speeds on their computer,” says company founder Aaron Hildreth.  “We are so confident that every customer will be thrilled with us that we do all this with absolutely no contract.  We know that our customers will be so happy with us that they will not want to cancel, so there is no need for a contract.”

And Aaron says all this happens with their Price for Life guarantee, in writing:  The monthly price you pay when you sign up is the price you will pay for life!  “The top two things people complain about when it comes to their internet provider are problems with their internet speed, and the monthly bill that keeps going up and up with new fees,” he explains.  “That will not happen with us.  We guarantee a minimum of 10 mpbs at installation, or we offer our customers a refund of their installation fee.  In fact, with our service, most of our customers are able to get 30 mpbs, with bursts up to 50 mpbs.  That means they can run 5 or 6 high-def programs at once with no problems – no buffering.”  

Aaron showed me the internet antennas located on the roof of his offices.  He explains that customers have an antenna installed on their home or business, and that the high speed is the result of this wireless link between the two.  After everything is set up, the operation is maintenance free, forever, Aaron says.   “The installation fee is paid for up front, and there is a monthly charge due at the beginning of the month.  It is that simple.  There is no cancellation fee, because we are confident no one will cancel.  There is nothing better out there,” he explains. “This is the internet service provider people have been looking for.  This is the one.”

Aaron started Neighborhood ISP with his childhood friend, Jonathan Penberthy.  The two say the inspiration came from having constant problems of their own with their internet.  “Our internet at the time was only getting us a speed of about 7 mpbs, sometimes 12 mpbs.  We would be gaming online and lose service, or there would be constant buffering,” Aaron says.  “Jonathan was the one who figured out how to get 30 mpbs.  It was so awesome! We knew we couldn’t keep this to ourselves, and that was the beginning of Neighborhood ISP.”  

Aaron says they started Neighborhood ISP with a focus on customer service.  “It’s the founding principle of our business,” he says.  “We are customers ourselves, and have had our own frustrations with internet and phone services.  On top of that, we listen to our customers, and base our services around them.  We want people to feel their voice is heard by us – that they are important.”  That is why Aaron tells me they will never outsource their customer service department.  “We are the ones that are on the other end when our customers call.  We are the voices that they want to hear, and will make sure that is always the case,” he says.  “We’re proud that we are locally owned and operated, and intend to keep it that way.”

“Welcome To The Neighborhood!”

When a customer signs up for Neighborhood ISP services, Aaron tells me they are joining a group of very happy customers.  “People talk to their neighbors, friends, their family members about things they are really happy with, and things they aren’t.  We want to be the positive buzz in the community,” says Aaron.  “We hardly ever get complaints.  And if we do, they are very minor issues that we are usually able to get to within a few minutes or a few hours,” he explains.  “We want people feel like they are part of a community of customers – a neighborhood of very happy people.”  

Here’s a big promise:  Aaron tells me Neighborhood ISP will not cap or throttle internet usage.  He also says their installers set up the router, and make sure it works with the software.  Plus, they can help customers set up an existing wireless router, and provide tech support on the routers they sell, which is something that no other internet service provider does. 

“Our business model is to be honest and up front with our customers.  Give them a product that exceeds their expectations for the best price, and then stand by it. We are so confident that people will love our crazy idea of how to run a business, that our goal is to dominate the home market,” Aaron says.  “For our customers, that means no more fighting with your internet provider over service issues or fees.  And for Neighborhood ISP, that means staying on the cutting edge of telecommunications.  

Neighborhood ISP:  Now you know what I found out about this company. You know what I know about how they treat their clients, and their commitment to staying at the top of their field.   And, now you know why I trust, and I am proud to endorse Neighborhood ISP as Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt


  • Call Center Hours:
    • Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Services:
    • Wireless internet
    • Voice Over IP and Hosting