As a consumer, you get the confidence that anytime you are dealing with a Gephardt Approved™ company or business, you will get precisely what you paid for.


Here’s how:


I will provide you, the customer, with my personal up to $1000 money back guarantee if a business fails to live up to their promise. (This guarantee applies only during the term which a company is Gephardt Approved™. For other restrictions on this guarantee, see below.*)

  • My investigation has found these companies provide top notch customer service, and provide guarantee/warranty protection that meets or exceeds standards in their field.
  • My investigations into the businesses which are Gephardt Approved™ have revealed what I find to be no risk to customers who do business with them.
  • Businesses which are Gephardt Approved™ have agreed to abide by my resolution procedures if a dispute arises. That may involve repair or replacement of a product, or a full refund.
  • Gephardt Approved™ is not an automatic “satisfaction” guarantee. “Satisfaction” is extremely subjective: one person might be perfectly satisfied and another not satisfied under identical circumstances.
  • Gephardt Approved™ means we have investigated a company’s background and we endorse their honesty and integrity.

Bottom Line:

I have confidence that, as a customer, you will have no need to worry about doing business with any Gephardt Approved™ company.


Consumer Dispute Resolver

Sometimes, even under the best of circumstances, a dispute arises between a business and a customer. Business which are Gephardt Approved™ agree to the following steps in settling such disputes:


  1. A business must agree to accept a customer complaint. So, the customer must first contact the business to express the dissatisfaction with the product, repair, or customer service.
  2. If that fails, the customer has the right to bring the complaint to the Gephardt Approved™ team. The Gephardt Approved™ team will review the complaint and may ask for an outside identified expert in the field to assist to drawing a conclusion. Once the conclusion is made, the business will agree to abide resolution proposed by the Gephardt Approved™ team.
  3. That resolution may require the business to repair or replace the product, or it may require the business to reimburse the customer for the cost of the repair or replacement at a price not to exceed the original price paid by the customer.
  4. If the business refuses to abide by decision of the Gephardt Approved™ team, and the dispute remains unresolved, Gephardt Approved™ will reimburse the customer up to $1,000 (one-thousand dollars), but not to exceed the price paid by the consumer to the business.

* The maximum Gephardt Approved™ payout for any single company shall be no greater than $10,000 per year. In the event that a Gephardt Approved™ company goes out of business through bankruptcy, ceasing business operations, liquidation, or any other reason; or if a company fails to operate with honesty and integrity thus failing to provide customer expectations (as solely determined by Gephardt Approved, Inc.), Gephardt Approved™ will refund to customers up to $1,000 of payment by customer to that company, but not to exceed $10,000 paid to all customers of that company. If Gephardt Approved™ determines (at Gephardt Approved, Inc., sole discretion) it is likely that the total aggregate payout will be greater than $10,000 for all guarantee claims, then Gephardt Approved™ will accumulate a customer fund file for that customer. At the end of a one year time frame, Gephardt Approved™ will distribute refunds to the customers of that company in equal proportions, pro-rated based upon the amount any given individual customer of that business would qualify to receive as a refund. The beginning of the one year time frame shall commence on the date of the first customer complaint and demand of refund from Gephardt Approved™.