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4621 South 900 East, Salt Lake City 84117, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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The Preferred Source for Tires and Expert Service !

If you’re looking for a tire and auto repair company, and you’re looking for a company I trust, you could turn to: Jones Complete Car Care (formerly known as Anderson Tire & Auto Service).

We have investigated Jones Complete Car Care and its owners Kyle and Tonya Jones. We dug into their history and services. We spoke to several of their clients and verified customer satisfaction.  As a result, I trust Jones Complete Car Care, and I am proud to stand by them and declare them Gephardt Approved.

“These guys are absolutely wonderful.” 

-Denise Jensen, customer

“I have a 25 year history with Jones Complete Car Care,” says customer, Denise Jensen. “Several years ago they started a policy where if any employee was caught trying to rip of a woman they would be fired. I go to Jones Complete Car Care because I admire how honest they are. I once had an issue with a vehicle that the mechanics were having a hard time figuring out. One mechanic went home, researched the problem and was able to fix it the next day. He cared so much about me he spent the time figuring it out on his free time. These guys are absolutely wonderful.”

“We take care of our customers and that’s why they keep coming back.”

“We care about our customers and our name,” says Jones Complete Car Care co-owner Kyle Jones. “I want people to feel confident in their automotive shop. I want them to be worry free and not be concerned that we’re trying to rip them off. We take care of our customers and that’s why they keep coming back.”

“I love my mechanic.”

-Denise Jensen, customer

“I knew Kyle when he started off as a manager at Anderson Tire & Auto Service (now known as Jones Complete Car Care) 20 years ago,” says customer Denise Jensen. “Some people say they love their dentists. I say I love my mechanics. These guys have been offering a shuttle service for years. Many of the mechanics drove me to my home in their personal vehicles before they had an actual van. There have been a few times where the mechanics were so busy they couldn’t leave the shop. They didn’t want me to have to wait so one mechanic gave me the keys to his car. I tell everyone about these guys because treat people the way people should be treated.”

“We love what we do.”

“I have been really fortunate to have a great crew at both shops,” says Kyle. “My guys love what they do and they’re great at it. They’re loyal, and many of them have been with me for 20 years. They value customers like I do.”

When it comes to services, Kyle tells me they’re a full service automotive and tire shop. “We offer everything from headlights to taillights and everything in the middle. We use ASE certified mechanics. We can help you out with new tires and oil changes. You can trust us with your car.”

“I have been going to Jones Complete Car Care for about ten years now,” says customer Crystal Marchand. “They know you by name when you walk in the door. I always feel comfortable taking all of my vehicles to Kyle. I have received just about every service they offer. From new tires to a catalytic converter, to flushes and oil changes, they have done it all for me. I have been extremely pleased after every service. They offer very competitive pricing. They always take a great interest in helping my brother out when he is tight on money. We appreciate all they do for us.”

“My guys are honest,” says Kyle. “We recommend services to customers based off of what their vehicle needs. We never pressure anyone, especially women, into something they don’t need. If we can see there is a problem that will need addressing in the near future, we tell the customer. A lot of our clientele is women. We have worked very hard over the years to become a trusted name in the community. We want husbands to feel comfortable sending their wives over to the shop while they’re at work. We won’t take advantage.”

So there you go: Jones Complete Car Care. Now you know what I know about the business and its owners. You know about their services and history. You’ve heard from their clients.

Now you know why I trust Jones Complete Car Care and why I am proud to stand by and declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt'



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4621 South 900 East, Salt Lake City 84117, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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4621 South 900 East, Salt Lake City 84117, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States
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