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166 South Main Street, Kaysville 84037, Utah, Davis County, United States

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Compassion, Kindness, Care: Every Pet is Part of Our Family, too !

“He finds pet medicines at big discount prices,” added Randy Lewis.

“I think he’s wonderful, compassionate, empathetic,” Claire Henderson told me.  “I adore him.”

Faun, Randy, and Claire are all clients of veterinarian Dr. Neil Moss, the owner of Kaysville Veterinary Hospital.  I did an independent investigation of the business and the owner and found a very honest and ethical practice.  But, when I reached out to the pet owning clients, I found emotion, dedication, and love for Dr. Moss.

“I have built my business on compassionate care of the animal,” Dr. Neil Moss told me.   “It’s a very interpersonal relationship with my clients.”

The Kaysville Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary services including surgery, dental care along with regular wellness visits for dogs and cats.  And while Dr. Moss told me he does not specialize in equine services, he has been trained in birds, reptiles, small animals, and exotic animals.

Furthermore, my investigation through licensing, federal and state courts, insurance, internet and social ratings, along with consumer websites found no issues.  All of that is why I trust and endorse Kaysville Veterinary Hospital, and I’m proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.


“My philosophy is I don’t want anyone walking out the door thinking that money was my priority, because it is not,” Dr. Moss told me.  “I’m at the pinnacle of my profession.  I have over 40 years of experience right now.    I keep taking classes and learning.  Right now, I’m the best vet I’ve ever been, and I can serve my clients and patients now better than ever before.”

“He really is dedicated, and he really cares,” said Randy Lewis who has been taking his pets to Dr. Moss for almost 20 years.  Randy got choked up when he discussed Dr. Moss.  “He saved 3 of my dogs’ lives.  I had a border collie who was very sick, and ordinary treatments were not working.  Dr. Moss did a whole bunch of research, and he found one obscure paper written in 2015 which showed what to do.  Dr. Moss did the blood transfusions and used different medicines.  That saved that dog, and I am very grateful.  It was way above and beyond.”


The employees at Kaysville Veterinary Hospital observe and mimic how Dr. Moss treats everyone.  Dr. Moss wants to pass on what he knows.  Nearly every day, there is an intern from college or high school observing or helping.  “He’s a really warm guy,” said veterinary technician Hannah Paul.  “I’ve been with other vets who get you in and out.  Not Dr. Moss.  He really cares about the clients and the animals, it’s not just about money.”

“It makes me feel real good,” said lead tech Tiffany Earnhart.  “We have so many clients who come in here who genuinely think that he is their personal vet.  He’s so warm, and inviting and so easy to talk to.”


Client Fawn Allred says he really knows his animals.  “He takes classes and workshops all the time and stays on top of everything,” she told me.  “The animals really come first with Dr. Moss.  I’ve had to call him on emergencies after hours, and he’s there.”

There is that tragic time in an animal’s life when they get very old and very sick, and there is nothing anyone can do to make the animal healthy again.  It becomes time to say goodbye.  “Three weeks ago, we had to put a dog down,” says client Claire Henderson.  “The whole staff was compassionate and personable.  They gave us all the time we needed.  Dr. Moss walked me to my car.  He made it a much better experience than other places.”

“I was a wreck,” said client Fawn Allred.  She noted that Dr. Moss has a whole private room set up for grieving and saying goodbye.  “He was there for me.  He lays stuff out so you can hold and be with your animal.  If you have to let one of your animals go, he’s just loves on them before.  He calms them down first.  He cares.  He really does.”

“The human-animal bond is very, very deep,” says Dr. Moss.  “I want people to feel that they can talk to me, and I care about their animal.  I treat the animals as a member of the family, which they are.”


So, there you go.  Now you know what I know about the Kaysville Veterinary hospital after my independent investigation and visit.  Now you know my investigation found a fully licensed and experienced veterinarian in Dr. Neil Moss, and a vet who spends no time in federal or state courts over his practice.  Now you know what patients tell me about Dr. Moss.  So, now you know why I stand by and endorse the Kaysville Veterinary Hospital, and why I am proud to declare it and Dr. Neil Moss Gephardt Approved.

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166 South Main Street, Kaysville 84037, Utah, Davis County, United States
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