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When Disasters Strike, Call UDK: There's no job we can't handle!

If a fire, flood, or any disaster happens to your home or business, you can expect emotion and confusion. In the middle of all that, who would you trust to begin the clean-up and restore your home, your business, and your life back to normal? You could turn to a company I trust: Utah Disaster Kleenup. I trust them because we have thoroughly investigated their business philosophy, way they conduct their business, and the way they treat their customers. As a result, I am proud to endorse Utah Disaster Kleenup, and declare the company Gephardt Approved.

Founder Dennis (Denny) Jensen has been in the disaster restoration business since 1976, and he told me he bases his business model on establishing immediate trust between his company and his customers…the victims of disasters. “When we show up at a customer’s home, we listen,” Denny told me. “We want to know what their priorities are. We do not push to get the business. That will come. We listen and offer compassion because that what people need at that time.”

Indeed, when I talked with project coordinator and estimator Naomi Fisch, the first thing she talked about was her love of working with people in need. “Every customer is different,” Naomi told me. “They have individual needs and priorities in the middle of their crisis. The owners really care about the individual, and they give me the total autonomy to run the job and return our customers to their pre-loss condition. I feel trusted, and I can make customers happy cleaning up the loss.”

Utah Disaster Kleenup has established some internal programs to make sure all customers get the individual attention the company wants. “It’s called ‘lagniappe’” Denny told me. “’Lagniappe’ is translated ‘just a little bit more.’ Every customer should get a little bit more. We have a weekly informal huddle where everyone is asked to tell a lagniappe story. Look, this stuff is traumatic, and we actually care about what you are going through, so we want to make things better with a little bit more.”

And then there’s Utah Disaster Kleenup’s Disaster Kleenup University, or DKU. “It’s a way we train people,” says Denny. “All of our employees attend expensive training sessions around the country. When they come back to Utah, training includes our internal DKU. Often we have to hire sub-contractors to do work. We ask all of our sub-contractors to attend DKU. It’s a way of establishing for everyone how to interact with our customers.

“First impressions are very important,” Denny went on. “When you first show up at a customers’ home or business, we’re clean and uniformed. We need to establish that trust right away for everyone in our company. Trust and good first impressions prevent all sorts of problems down the road.”

If there are any problems, Denny says they are solved immediately so they won’t in the future.

When it comes to the apparent expense of cleaning up a disaster, the people at Utah Disaster Kleenup tell me they are familiar with all insurance policies, and work with insurance companies on a daily basis. “We know what will be paid, and what won’t. We are able to advise and consult with all of our customers so they can get the maximum benefit,” Denny says.

“We use the best equipment,” Denny emphasized. “In fact, we pioneered equipment and restoration in Utah, and we have more certified restorers on our staff than any other company like ours in the nation.”

Utah Disaster Kleenup offers a two year warranty on workmanship but, Denny says he will go beyond that. “If there is a mistake, it will be corrected, even five years down the road. We simply don’t want anyone to think we let them down, even beyond the warranty period.”

So, there you go: Utah Disaster Kleenup. Now you know what I know about this company. You know what our investigation into this company revealed. Now know why I trust this company and you know why I am proud to endorse Utah Disaster Kleenup as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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13081 Minuteman Drive, Draper 84020, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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13081 Minuteman Drive, Draper 84020, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States
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